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100% Australian Manuka Honey

Our bees gather nectar from the pristine coastal forests surrounding Byron Bay, Australia. We bring you some of the best Manuka Honey Australia has to offer.
Pure and potent bioactive MGO honey.

Premium Medicinal Honey

For a rapid and more potent action, premium health benefits and wound and oral care. Our handy tube size is great for the First Aid Kit.

Medicinal Honey

For medicinal benefits, relieves sore throats and great for digestive health. Take by the spoon or with non heated food.

Everyday Healthy Honey

For cooking, in tea, on toast and as an everyday culinary treat.
Great on pancakes, on cereal and with granola, fruit & yoghurt.

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The Story of
Australia's Manuka

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We began our family honey business back in 1996 as ‘Tyagarah Apiaries’ selling Active Jellybush Honey and have grown to become Australia’s Manuka Pty Ltd. We continue to provide high potency, medicinal, bioactive MGO honey for the Australian and overseas market.

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Manuka Honey Wholesale Enquiries

We are manuka honey wholesale suppliers and we welcome enquiries regarding our unique Australia’s Manuka honey products. If you would like to learn more, see our comprehensive overview for Australia’s Manuka honey wholesale here.

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Understanding Manuka Honey MGO Ratings

We use the modern MGO scale to rate our honey. See the conversion chart to see how MGO compares to the older NPA/UMF scale.

The Complete Range

In our 250g jars
Australia’s Manuka Ultimate 1500+ MGO (Rich Maroon label)
Australia’s Manuka 1200+ MGO (Burgundy label)

In our 250g and 500g jars
Australia’s Manuka 850+ MGO (Ruby label)
Australia’s Manuka 550+ MGO (Coral label)
Australia’s Manuka 250+ MGO (Orange label)
Australia’s Manuka 100+ MGO (Blue label)
Australia’s Manuka 30+ MGO Multifloral Manuka (Green label)

Anti-inflammatory Skin Repair 25g Tube
Anti-inflammatory Skin Repair 50g Tube
Oral Care 25g Tube
Oral Care 50g Tube

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AUSTRALIA'S Manuka Honey Benefits & Ratings Explained:

Your guide to choosing the best Australia's Manuka honey for you

Whether you just want great tasting honey on your cereal or all the health benefits of this incredible superfood use our handy guide to the MGO ratings to choose the Australia’s Manuka honey that will work best for you.

Please note: the higher grade MGO honey can be used in place of lower grade honeys, but lower MGO honey cannot be used in place of higher MGO honey.

Healthy Everyday Honey

Australia's Manuka MGO 30+ / 500g and 250g

MGO 30

Australia’s Manuka MGO 30+ is our everyday honey. This mild strength honey has a delicate flavour and is perfect morning and night as a natural healthy treat.

Australia's Manuka MGO 100+ / 500g and 250g

MGO 100

Have a spoonful a day for good health and well-being. Australia’s Manuka MGO 100+ can also be applied directly to your skin as a natural beauty treatment. Great for both cosmetic use and a sweet health supplement and energy booster.

Australia's Manuka Medicinal Antibacterial honey

If you are planning to use Australia’s Manuka honey for its antibacterial and wound healing properties, you need to choose a MGO 250+ honey or higher.

Australia's Manuka MGO 250+ / 500g and 250g

MGO 250

Minimal activity needed for WOUND AND ORAL CARE. (10+ NPA)
This level of activity is scientifically proven to have reliable antibacterial potency. Useful for the treatment of minor cuts, burns and skin conditions. Our MGO honey 250+ can also be used to care for your pet or animal health.  MGO 250+ and higher is used in hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, and nursing homes. It is ideal to keep in your First Aid Cabinet.

Australia's Manuka MGO 550+ / 500g and 250g

MGO 550

A more potent activity to maintain DIGESTIVE HEALTH. (15+NPA)
A powerful superfood and prebiotic with strong antibacterial activity, excellent for healing gut problems and stomach ulcers.

Australia's Manuka MGO 850+ / 500g and 250g

MGO 850

A superior level of activity for WOUND AND ORAL CARE. (20+ NPA)
Wounds that are slow to heal may benefit from this stronger MGO 850+ honey as it has more potent antibacterial and cleansing properties. This can help to promote faster healing. Always remember that if symptoms persist consult your health care professional. Australia’s Manuka MGO 850+ is also used for relieving the symptoms of the common cold, sore throats, and coughs.

Australia's Manuka MGO 1200+ / 250g

MGO 1200

Has all the properties of the previous medicinal MGO honeys but if you require a more rapid and potent action then choose this higher MGO 1200+ activity.

Australia's Manuka MGO 1500+ / 250g

MGO 1500

When only the best will do. MGO 1500+ has all the properties of the previous medicinal MGO honeys but if you require a more rapid and potent action then choose our highest MGO 1500+ activity.

Australia's Manuka Anti-inflammatory Honey Skin Repair / 50g and 25g

TGA approved skin repair topical badge

Essential for your First Aid Kit.
Use Australia’s Manuka Skin Repair as an antiseptic for minor cuts and abrasions. Helps to relieve symptoms of facial cold sores, mild burns/sunburn, promotes skin healing of minor skin wound, cuts, scratches and abrasions. Use topically as an analgesic to reduce pain. Have it on hand and in your travel first aid kit to apply to minor injuries. Great product to treat wounds on pets as well.

Australia's Manuka Antibacterial Honey Oral Care / 50g and 25g

TGA approved skin repair badge

Relief for sore throats, common colds, mouth ulcers and more. (20+ NPA)
Relieves symptoms of colds and cough, mild throat infection and irritation such as sore and itchy throat, symptoms of mild mouth ulcers. Maintains and supports gum, periodontal and oral mucous membrane health. Relieves dry throat. Reduces halitosis/bad breath. Supports oral health. Great for your pets too.

Australia's Manuka FAQs

Bees produce honey from the flower of a native Australian and New Zealand plant group of plants called Leptospermum. Australia has over 80 varieties of the genus, with 28 of them being scientifically proven as ‘bioactive’. The honey produced when bees forage the flowers of leptospermum plants contains special properties that have a variety of medicinal uses.

There’s a lot of confusion when it comes to the ratings of Manuka honey. when the properties of Manuka were discovered it was unknown what the additional antibacterial, active compound of the honey was so it was rated and labeled as NPA (non-peroxide activity) or UMF (unique Manuka factor). later it was found that the active compound was Methyglyoxal (MGO) and the rating has been modernised for more accurate results for the consumer. The higher the MGO rating of the honey = the more beneficial properties it has.

Use on cereals, in smoothies, or with your fruit, or even on some toast. Avoid heating or cooking to maintain the natural enzymes and bioactive compounds that make Australian Manuka honey a naturally medicinal product.

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