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Soothing manuka honey tea for a cough or cold.

Manuka honey for coughs

Clearing your cough with Manuka honey The annoyance of a cough Coughs can be persistent and bothersome, at times lasting weeks after the initial illness or irritation has occurred. This can be distressing in public, as you attempt to contain your cough and not appear ill. Coughs are physically uncomfortable and can disrupt your daily […]

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Woman applying Manuka Honey to Benefit the Skin

Benefits of Manuka Honey for Skin

Different ways Manuka honey can benefit the skin Manuka honey contains many bioactive compounds. Bioactive means to be biologically active and having an influence on living organism and their tissue and cells. This means bioactive Manuka honey affects our skin when it makes contact. Manuka honey’s bioactive compounds have a beneficial and positive influence on

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Why use Manuka Honey for Dogs Wound care skin treatments and more 1

Manuka Honey for Dogs

What is Manuka honey? Manuka honey is produced from the nectar collected from the Leptospermum species of plant. Manuka honey is unique because it contains Methylglyoxal (MGO). MGO along with Hydrogen Peroxide gives this honey additional and potent antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. The honey is tested and assigned an MGO rating based on the

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