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Manuka Honey Facial

Why is Manuka honey so expensive?

How long has Manuka honey been around for? Manuka honey or Leptospermum honey originating in Australia has been around for centuries. First Nations people from Australia have probably been using Leptospermum honey produced by native stingless bees for over 40,000 years. This highly medicinal honey is used for various ailments such as sore throats and …

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Bees in a chain

Bee Science Latest News

Bee Swarms Work Like Giant Brains, Where Each Bee Is a Nerve Cell (Bee Science Shows) On their own, bee brains are fairly remarkable things, although human computing power still trumps them. But new (bee science) research suggests that individual members of a swarm behave surprisingly like neurons in a human brain.] Not only does …

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Manuka honey science promising

Manuka honey science shows promising results

Excerpt from original Manuka Honey Science research article published by frontiersin.org The IL-6/STAT3 Signalling Pathway Is an Early Target of Manuka Honey-Induced Suppression of Human Breast Cancer Cells Breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer among women worldwide with a mortality rate of >500,000 annually, 62% of deaths occurring in developing countries (1). Despite improved …

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National bee biosecurity program

Code of Practice and National Bee Biosecurity Program

The nation’s busiest pollinators have received a boost after the official launch of a multi-faceted effort to maintain the health of Australia’s bees along with the country’s $1.8 billion pollination-reliant horticulture and grain industries. Horticulture Innovation Australia, the Australian Honey Bee Industry Council and Grain Producers Australia have joined forces to deliver a $3M program …

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Australian Leptospermum Flowers

Australian Leptospermum Honey – Native trees to save people

Australian leptospermum honey has the potential to surpass New Zealand’s Mānuka honey for both activity and scale. Mānuka derived from New Zealand’s sole leptospermum tree, leptospermum scoparium is the gold standard in medicinal honey. Australia is the homeland of leptospermum with 85 of the world’s 87 species, yet little is known about the potential of …

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Australian Leptospermum Honey

Leptospermum honey from Australia

If you have a mind for Leptospermum Honey science then this will be of interest. Here are the results of a study recently published in the scientific journal PloS ONE into the properties and potential availability of Australia’s manuka honey. Abstract Most commercially available therapeutic honey is derived from flowering Leptospermum scoparium (manuka) plants from …

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MGO NPA Conversion Table

Medical Grade Honey Uses

Australia’s Manuka Bioactive Honey and New Zealand’s Manuka Honey, comes from bees that forage the Leptospermum plant. This honey has special (scientifically proven) properties not found in “conventional” honeys, making it useful for healing and improved health. Some well known uses of Australia’s Manuka Bioactive Honey include relieving the symptoms of sore throat, combating Golden Staph …

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All about Biofilm in 3D Animations

Videos Showing the Stages of Biofilm Formation and “reproduction” Leading Microbiologists talk about Biofilm and the latest research that shows how resilient and resistant it is to conventional treatments. The first video goes for about 5 minutes and it’s worth watching to the end because there’s some excellent 3D animation that illustrates the stages of …

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Applying Manuka honey to wound

Natural Wound Care

Use Australia’s Manuka, bioactive honey for dressing of: Minor cuts and Scratches Leg ulcers Pressure ulcers Diabetic foot ulcers Infected wound resulting from injury or surgery Burns Why does Natural Wound Care Honey work so well? High osmolality Honey is a saturated or supersaturated solution of sugars that has strong interaction with water molecules. The …

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Australian leptospermum flowers

5 Medical Honey Facts

Most honey has antibacterial properties, but Australia’s Manuka Bioactive Honeys are especially potent. Australia’s Manuka Honey is harvested from Leptospermum polygalifolium, (or Active Jellybush Honey), a member of the Myrtle Family of plants. A relative of Jellybush is Leptospermum scoparium commonly called Manuka is found occurring in Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania and New Zealand. …

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Super bug breakthrough – Manuka (and Jellybush) honey may reverse antibiotic resistance.

(NaturalNews) In less than a week, three different research studies have been released about antibiotic resistance super bugs. Two were issued as nothing less than dire warnings. For example, as NaturalNews covered earlier, UK scientists are calling for the “urgent need for global action” due to the discovery of a spreading phenomenon — a gene …

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Native honey a sweet antibacterial – Australian Geographic

A native honey may well be the most powerfully antimicrobial honey ever discovered, say Queensland researchers. The honey, cultivated at undisclosed locations in northern NSW and southeast Queensland, is made by bees that have fed on Leptospermum polygalifolium, also known as jelly bush or the lemon-scented tea tree. The researchers tested 100 jelly bush honeys …

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Bee on a leptospermum plant

How to attract honey bees

Herbs that help attract honey bees. When the bees start flying I can’t wait to get out there and dig in the hives and the dirt. There’s a huge variety of herbs that are not just great for cooking and medicinal purposes, they’re great for the bees. Planting herbs that attract honey bees is something …

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