Flowhive inventor Cedar

Congratulations to Flowhive!

Huge congratulations to Cedar and Stuart from Flowhive, not only for the well deserved success they’re experiencing with their extraordinary Flowhive invention, but also for recently featuring on ABC’s Australian Story.

Michael Howes of Tyagarah Apiaries was delighted to help with some of the testing of the Flowhive during the early development days.
“I put the flow box on one of my hives, the bees took to it straight away. The honey came out clean, no wax. The bees just remove the capping and start filling it again,” Michael said.

Here is an excerpt from their interview on Australian Story, presented by Chris Russell:

“Ten years ago Byron Bay inventor, Cedar Anderson, looked at a beehive and thought there must be an easier way to extract honey straight from the hive that was less stressful on the bees.

Living on the smell of an oily rag and working in his shed, Cedar with the help of his father, Stuart, came up with the concept of the Flow Hive. It’s a plastic frame that sits inside a conventional beehive. With a pull of the lever honey simply drains into a jar.

But it was what happened next that took the world by storm. Cedar decided to put the invention up on a crowdfunding site hoping to raise $70,000. The video of the Flow Hive went viral and by the end of the campaign, they had US$12.2 million worth of advance orders and a monumental task ahead of them.

After a life tinkering quietly in a shed, Cedar and Stuart now face the challenge of running a multimillion dollar company. How will they cope?


Source and Video:
ABC Australian Story: Going with the Flow