MGO in manuka honey smear

What is MGO in Manuka honey?

What is Manuka Honey? Manuka honey is known for its natural medicinal properties. The Methylglyoxal (MGO) present in Manuka honey is what makes it unique. MGO has potent and long-lasting antibacterial, prebiotic, anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties.  Manuka honey is produced in Australian and New Zealand from the Leptospermum family of plants. The bees collect …

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Manuka Honey Facial

Why is Manuka honey so expensive?

How long has Manuka honey been around for? Manuka honey or Leptospermum honey originating in Australia has been around for centuries. First Nations people from Australia have probably been using Leptospermum honey produced by native stingless bees for over 40,000 years. This highly medicinal honey is used for various ailments such as sore throats and …

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Bees in a chain

Bee Science Latest News

Bee Swarms Work Like Giant Brains, Where Each Bee Is a Nerve Cell (Bee Science Shows) On their own, bee brains are fairly remarkable things, although human computing power still trumps them. But new (bee science) research suggests that individual members of a swarm behave surprisingly like neurons in a human brain.] Not only does …

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Native honey a sweet antibacterial – Australian Geographic

A native honey may well be the most powerfully antimicrobial honey ever discovered, say Queensland researchers. The honey, cultivated at undisclosed locations in northern NSW and southeast Queensland, is made by bees that have fed on Leptospermum polygalifolium, also known as jelly bush or the lemon-scented tea tree. The researchers tested 100 jelly bush honeys …

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Australian leptospermum plant

The Antibacterial Honey Derived from Australian Flora

Chronic wound infections and antibiotic resistance are driving interest in antimicrobial treatments that have generally been considered complementary, including antimicrobially active honey. Australia has unique native flora and produces antibacterial honey with a wide range of different physicochemical properties. In this study we surveyed 477 honey samples, derived from native and exotic plants from various …

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Bee on a leptospermum plant

How to attract honey bees

Herbs that help attract honey bees. When the bees start flying I can’t wait to get out there and dig in the hives and the dirt. There’s a huge variety of herbs that are not just great for cooking and medicinal purposes, they’re great for the bees. Planting herbs that attract honey bees is something …

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