Australia’s Manuka

Australia’s Manuka (Formerly Tyagarah Apiaires) is a family owned and operated bee keeping company based on the beautiful North Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

Established in 1996, we have been supplying Australia and the world with premium medical grade honeys, harvested primarily from our own hives here in New South Wales.

Our new production facility is 100% Solar Powered and off the grid, and we pride ourselves in managing our bees and hives in a manner that exceeds the industry best practice.

Our product, Active Jellybush Honey is now a well known and established brand and all our honeys are tested for their efficacy as a medical product by Independent Laboratories.

We supply Active Jellybush Honey to retailer’s throughout the world and it is also available for secure purchase and fast delivery online from our sister site www.activejellybush.com

Our Mission

to supply the highest quality, authenting Medical Grade Honey to Australia and the World.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. We’re passionate about honey and especially Active Jellybush Honey. We manage our hives according to industry best practice but our approach to business goes much further than the standards require. We believe that bees are to be nurtured and cared for as they are such critical aspect of your environment. We also believe in sustainablity and so our honey processing plant is 100% off the grid and powered entirely by solar energy.

Our Promise

The rise in popularity of Medical Grade Honey is phenomenal. And for good reason. The potent healing benefits of this amazing substance have now been scientifically proven. Unfortunately there are many suppliers trying to profit from the increase global demand for Active Honey by providing sub standard products which have been diluted with syrup or non-active culinary honey. Our promise is that we will continue to supply only the highest quality Active Honey, that our labels will always be accurately and clearly marked and that every single batch of our honey is tested by independent laboratories.