All about Biofilm in 3D Animations

Videos Showing the Stages of Biofilm Formation and “reproduction”

Leading Microbiologists talk about Biofilm and the latest research that shows how resilient and resistant it is to conventional treatments. The first video goes for about 5 minutes and it’s worth watching to the end because there’s some excellent 3D animation that illustrates the stages of its formation. The second video was produced by ECI Biotech to illustrate their detection technology and it too shows excellent 3D animations of biofilm formation.

According to these experts, antibiotics are wholly ineffective in treating chronic bacterial infections where biofilm is present, however more recent research is showing that Medical Grade Jellybush or Manuka Honey can penetrate and dismantle biofilm structures while simultaneously killing the bacteria they contain. More on this later.


The documentary web site for the film:

The Silent Role of Biofilms in Chronic Disease

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